Working Principle Of On-Wheel Animation Image System

The basic principle of on-wheel animation image system, wheel led light, is based on human eye’s Persistence of Vision (POV). People will be able to see the retention or afterimage after looking the image 1/24~1/16 seconds. The faster the wheel spins, the better image quality be seeing.

Firstly, it needs software to transform targeted image or photos to special image data. Then download to MCU of wheel led strip. MCU reads the image data, change the color of LEDs, turn on or turn off the LEDs. When the wheel rotates, people can see colorful images, patterns and animation. The fast the rotation speed, the better the image display quality.

Except the rotation speed, the quantity of LEDs is another key factor of high quality on-wheel image. The more the better. The longer the LED strip, the bigger image display area.

Generally speaking, if there is 2 LED strips, it needs minimum riding speed of 15KM/H (it also depends on LED quantity). If there is 4 LED strips, it needs minimum riding speed of 8KM/H.

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