What is Electroluminescence Light

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Electroluminescence (EL) is an optical phenomenon and electrical phenomenon in which a material emits light in response to the passage of an electric current or to a strong electric field.EL lamps can be shaped to be very flat. Most common EL lamps are EL wires, EL tapes and EL panels.

Electroluminescence EL Working Principle

Electroluminescence EL Working Principle

How EL light works?

High voltage AC power passes through a thin layer of phosphor or semiconductor and this causes emission of light. Two layers of solid material act as electrodes and a powder phosphor or semiconductor in between glows when electrons pass through it from one electrode to another. Light escapes the device on one side.

how EL works


High visibility in darkness, smoke and fog, and at a distance
Easy to look at without strain on the eye
Low wattage: 80w/per square meter
Light in weight: 0.2g/cm2
Long life: Half-life period: 5,000~10,000hours. After the half-life peirod, the lightness turns dark and last 10,000~20,000 hours.
No external circuitry required
Flexibility: EL lights can be manufactured into a variety of shapes, like flat flexible panels, narrow strings, and other small shapes
Wide working temperature: -60~95 degrees
Resistant to water


Low lumen output over time
Not practical for general lighting of large areas due to low lumen output of phosphors
Flexible flat EL sheets wear out as they get flexed, durability is being worked on
Typical EL Needs a converter when used with DC sources
Significant electricity use (60-600 volts)
Poor lumens per watt rating


Max lumens: 700~1000 lumen
Chickness: 0.2~0.5mm
Bending radius: >2cm
Encapsulation of edge:1~2mm
Basic colors: Green,Blue,White (Colors can be made by filtering white into red, green, and blue.)

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