Sexy Hot EL Bra Brassiere


EL bras include stylish EL (colorful EL wires with well-designed styles). It looks bright with soft light and does not produce heat. The EL wires are powered by AAA battery. Normally, it has 3 models: full on, slow blinking and fast blinking. Some even have sound responsive mode. It is great choice for Halloween costumes, shows, […]

What is Electroluminescence Light

EL Wire EL tape EL panel EL light GEEKLEDs

Electroluminescence (EL) is an optical phenomenon and electrical phenomenon in which a material emits light in response to the passage of an electric current or to a strong electric field.EL lamps can be shaped to be very flat. Most common EL lamps are EL wires, EL tapes and EL panels. How EL light works? High voltage AC […]