Latest Car Wheel LED Light Show RGB Colorful GIF Image

Car LED Wheel Lights 40 LEDs RGB Color 2

Like bicycle wheel light, there are car wheel LED lights, too. The most common ones are the car spoke lights and still car wheel LED strips. It is very simple and cheap, because there is few LED lights and only show single color or basic RGB colors.

GIF WL19 car wheel led light 1 1

Below is the latest colorful car wheel led lights. The most attractive feature is displaying RGB animated GIF image and patterns.  There are 40 pcs LED totally, so it ensures the high resolution of GIF image.  Of course, it comes with motion sensor. When the car moves, LED strips light up and turn off when parked for several minutes.

Is it safe to install these “huge” led strip on the wheels? Yes, it is light in weight, but very durable. The case is made of high density PC with aerodynamic shape. The LED strip is self-balanced (two side has equal weight).  The center of car wheel LED strip is fixed on the axle of car wheel.

When the vehicle speed is over 30~35 Km/h, the whole wheel display full gif image. The built-in rechargeable Li-battery lasts for 15~20 hours.


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