How to Ride a Bike Safely at Night

riding safety lights reflective belts

1. Use constant front white light
Night time riding usually requires a front white light at least. It is advised to use constant front light rather than a flashing one. Its steady stream of light will provide adequate visibility to drivers.


2. Use red LED tail light for your bike or helmet
It is OK for this light to flash or have special patterns, because it disrupts night vision less than the white front lights.

3. Wear light reflective clothing
It is highly recommended to wear light cloth with reflective wrist belts. There are also rear pedal lights,laser beam lights,reflective taps for front and back forks.

4. Wear a helmet

5. Be careful at night
Always ride on a well lit road. Go slower than you would in the daytime.

6. Be ware of parked cars
When riding past parallel-parked vehicles, leave enough room for the vehicle door to swing completely open just as you are about to pass. Getting “doored” can cause serious injury and even death.

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