How Does 3D Optical Illusion Lamp Works

3d optical lamp Christmas tree

looks like a real 3D LED lamp with warm white or colorful light in night. It can be in different patterns, like iron man or skull. In fact, the lamp part is a acrylic panel (passive lighting). How does it works?

Full 3D optical lamp kit includes one pc acrylic light panel and a LED base. The acrylic light panel is made from acrylic glass sheet that has incredible light transmitting properties. The LED base includes a line of LEDs, for example our 3D optical lamps have 10 LEDs. The acrylic panel gets lights from these LEDs. Once they light up, the whole acrylic panel lights up, too. If the LED color changes or flashes, the lamp changes color or flashes.

How comes the lively 3D outlines? Firstly, the 3D pattern/photo needs to be transformed to 3D digital model with outlines. Then the laser inside-carving machines complete the laser inner curve process according to the 3D digital outlines.

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