How do LED shower heads work?

led shower head

LED shower heads looks like normal shower heads. But the difference is that LED shower head lights up in various colors when in use. The LED color change to blue if the water temperature is too low and turn red if it’s too hot. It is touch-free to know the water temperature.

Besides, it looks cool and it does not need any battery. It works by dynamo engine powered by the water flow. As long as the water is able to flow out of your shower head, you will have lights. So it is energy-saving and environmentally friendly.

It is quit easy to install LED shower heads, because it is designed to replace the existing shower head. The correct dimensions for existing shower pipe or hose is the most important.

LED shower heads may encourage children who hate showers to get into the shower more often. It may create an even more relaxing shower experience for you and your partner. Whatever the reason for giving it a try, you will find a reason to fall in love with your shower all over again.

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