Comparison and Reviews of Bicycle Wheel LED Lights

Comparison between bicycle wheel led lights

Bicycle wheel LED light is LED strip, LED wire or LED spoke light that specially designed for bicycles. It lights up with colorful words, photos or GIF animation photos when the speed is over the certain speed for example 15KM/h.  It ensures riding safety in night and it looks really cool.

All of GEEKLEDs bicycle wheel LED lights are waterproof, shockproof and display many patterns.  They look alike, but what is the difference between these bike wheel led strips?  Is there any key specification we need to take care? The main specifications are the wheel LED strip number, LED strip length, quantity of LEDs and displaying color of LEDs. There are also other features, like DIY software, mobile APP control.


1. Wheel LED Strip Number:

The earliest spoke LED light is only one strip. To get full on-wheel image, the riding speed should be 30KM/h at least. It is a bit high for most of the riders.  If there are 2 LED strips, the minimum speed is about 15KM/h to get a full display of on-wheel animation.  2 LED strips are very common. 15KM/h is good for most of us.  If there is 4 wheel LED strips, 8KM/h riding speed is ok to show up all animation image. But the cost is much higher compared with regular 2 LED strips.


2. LED Strip Length:

The LED strip length equals the display radius.  The longer, the bigger displaying image.


3. Quantity of Wheel LED Strip:

The more LED on each LED strip, the higher displaying resolution (much clearer the on-wheel animation image).


4. Color of LED: 

The color of on-wheel image is determined by the color LED. If LED only emits basic RGB lights, the displaying image can only show 3 color, red, blue and green.  RGB wheel LED light can only display basic, simple patterns.  If LED emits 7 colors, wheel led light displays basic patterns, cartoon patterns.  If LED emit 256 colors, wheel LED strip can show human portrait, GIF image and short video.


Bicycle wheel LED light WL11 and WL12 are basic model for beginners. These 2 model shows RGB patterns.  WL12 is upgraded version with DIY software, more LED lights and more pre-installed patterns.


Bicycle on-wheel animation system WL13 and WL15 are regular models. Both these 2 models shows 7 colors GIF animation image. WL13 is the most compatible model, as it is short and can be used on different bicycle wheels.  WL15 is DIY programmable.


Bicycle wheel spoke light WL17 and WL18 are advanced models. They shows GIF animation images, short videos, human portrait and come with advanced software.

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