Smart Lamp with Color Picker Shows Any Color You Want

SL20 smart led lamp light color picker 2

Smart LED lamp SL20 features with intelligent color picking. It has a built-in sensitive color sensor. You can easily pick up any color of objects, just approaching targeted object and press the color picker button. Then the smart lamp show its color at once.   This color picker lamp has soft silicon lampshade. By tapping the lampshade, […]

How do LED shower heads work?

led shower head

LED shower heads looks like normal shower heads. But the difference is that LED shower head lights up in various colors when in use. The LED color change to blue if the water temperature is too low and turn red if it’s too hot. It is touch-free to know the water temperature. Besides, it looks cool and […]

2.4G RGBW Colorful Dimmble Mood LED Wineglass Lamp

2.4G Colorful RGBW Wineglass LED Lamp with app

This wineglass LED lamp looks impressive at the first sight. It is not just a decoration night lamp. The wineglass LED lamp is multi-functional and even comes with Android iOS App. On the base, there is touch control that you can adjust brightness and change colors at your mood. With 3 buttons, you can switch […]

Working Principle Of On-Wheel Animation Image System

The basic principle of on-wheel animation image system, wheel led light, is based on human eye’s Persistence of Vision (POV). People will be able to see the retention or afterimage after looking the image 1/24~1/16 seconds. The faster the wheel spins, the better image quality be seeing. Firstly, it needs software to transform targeted image or […]

How Does 3D Optical Illusion Lamp Works

3d optical lamp Christmas tree

looks like a real 3D LED lamp with warm white or colorful light in night. It can be in different patterns, like iron man or skull. In fact, the lamp part is a acrylic panel (passive lighting). How does it works? Full 3D optical lamp kit includes one pc acrylic light panel and a LED […]