EL Sheolace EL ties GEEKLEDs

EL Shoelace EL Tie

Be fed up with normal sheolace? Try these EL shoelaces now at night. EL shoelaces light up your shoe with various colors at 3 modes: full on, slow blink and fast blink. Normally, these luminous shoelaces are made with EL wires or EL tapes. EL shoelaces can be bend and they’re also waterproof. EL shoelaces…

LED Fiber Optic GEEKLEDs

LED Fiber Optic

LED Fiber Optic lights up the hair with colorful ultra-thin fiber optics. It is designed to clip in your hair or on your clothes. It is good way to get noticed at bars, nightclubs, proms, nighttime parties etc. These hair LED fiber optics are powered by button batteries. So it is very light in weight.…


EL Hat EL Cap

Below cool light hats have bright and soft EL wires frame. The EL wires can be blue, green, red and white. Its soft light does not have strain on the eyes. Normally, it has 3 models: full on, slow blinking and fast blinking. EL hat is perfect for parties, event, club, Halloween, Carnivals, Costume parties, festivals and gifts.…

EL glasses frame GEEKLEDs

El Wire Sunglasses

Below cool light sunglasses have bright and soft EL wires frame. Normally, it has 3 models: full on, slow blinking and fast blinking. It is powered by AAA batteries and can last 8~24 hours. Just put the battery pack inside the pocket or clip to the pants or shorts. It is perfect for night parties,…


Sexy Hot EL Bra Brassiere

EL bras include stylish EL (colorful EL wires with well-designed styles). It looks bright with soft light and does not produce heat. The EL wires are powered by AAA battery. Normally, it has 3 models: full on, slow blinking and fast blinking. Some even have sound responsive mode. It is great choice for Halloween costumes, shows,…


EL Bow Tie EL Tie

Below cool ties are made of EL wires or EL panel with normal ties. Unlike LED with strain on the eyes, it looks bright with soft light. There is easy lift zipper up on the back to adjust length. The EL light is powered by AAA batteries. Normally, it has 3 models: full on, blink…


Flameless LED Candles

Unlike normal candles, LED candles is flameless and powered by button batteries. So, don’t worry about catching fire. Artificial LED candles has almost the same shape and looks like real candles with yellow lights. There are also colorful LED candles with blue, red, green, purple, orange, white flames. Some battery candles flash in different colors by turns. It…