3D optical illusion lamp art light tricks your eye and looks like a real 3D LED lamp in night. 3D optical lamp can flash in 7 colors by turns or keep on with white color. Full kit includes one pc acrylic light panel and a base.

The acrylic light panel is made from acrylic glass sheet that has incredible light transmitting properties. Our 3D designers design the patterns firstly and then laser machining complete the laser inner curve process.

The base includes LEDs and power & control module.  3D lamp base is made from ABS and can be in different colors and patterns. The LEDs has a lifespan of 10,000 hours and won’t get hot.

You can change to another acrylic lamp to suit your room or mood.  As 3D optical LED lamp base is compatible with all our 3D acrylic lamps. 3D acrylic light is designed for decoration in bars, hotels, restaurant and home etc. It is great choice for kids/lovers/holiday gift.

3d optical lamp factory supplier manufacturer

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