2.4G RGBW Colorful Dimmble Mood LED Wineglass Lamp

2.4G Colorful RGBW Wineglass LED Lamp with app

This wineglass LED lamp looks impressive at the first sight. It is not just a decoration night lamp. The wineglass LED lamp is multi-functional and even comes with Android iOS App.

On the base, there is touch control that you can adjust brightness and change colors at your mood. With 3 buttons, you can switch to any of the 9 modes, switch to warm white mode or night lamp mode.

Besides the touch control base, you can also control via 2.4G remote control that also come with touch pad and buttons. With Android iOS APP, you can control couples of wineglass mood lamps. It looks splendid when one line of led lamp switch colors at the same mood.

This exclusive gadget is suitable for hotels, bars, restaurant and dining room. It is really a nice smart mood lamp.

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